Understanding Your RV Options

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Purchasing a recreational vehicle (RV) is an exciting move, but it can also confront you with a dizzying array of questions and decisions. What type of RV you should get depends on your budget, desire for specific amenities, and intended usage. Here are a few basic types of RV for your consideration. Class A The Class RV is the monster of the motorhome world -- a full-scale living, dining and home entertainment experience with a price tag to match (you can easily pay $500,000 for a new one).

28 January 2015

Winterization Can Save Your Body Work From Road Salt

Automotive Articles

Winter can be a cruel mistress, especially when it comes to your car's body work. A vicious combination of moisture from snow fall combined with the road salt can wreak havoc on any bare metal surface it touches. The end result is a potentially catastrophic explosion of rust and corrosion on the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle. If you have a winter beater you use during the snowy season or if you can't afford to keep your only car covered up, here are a few things you can do to protect it from the ravages of rust this and every other winter.

14 January 2015