Rural Drivers: Make Sure Your New Car Has A Spare Tire

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The spare tire has long been a fixture in the car trunk. Should you have a flat on the side of the road, you go to the trunk and pull out your spare and jack. They were in every car -- until recently. According to Consumer Reports, some new cars no long come standard with a spare tire. For drivers in major cities, who have easy access to emergency roadside assistance, this may not be a major issue.

4 March 2015

How To Get The Most Out Of Test Driving A Used Car

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You probably already know that taking a used car for a test drive prior to making a commitment to purchase is an essential component in successfully buying a used vehicle, but you may not know how to how to take an effective test drive. It involves ensuring that the vehicle operates well under a variety of road conditions, ergonomics, research on the make and model of the car and how well the vehicle will suit your individual needs and preferences.

6 February 2015

Understanding Your RV Options

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Purchasing a recreational vehicle (RV) is an exciting move, but it can also confront you with a dizzying array of questions and decisions. What type of RV you should get depends on your budget, desire for specific amenities, and intended usage. Here are a few basic types of RV for your consideration. Class A The Class RV is the monster of the motorhome world -- a full-scale living, dining and home entertainment experience with a price tag to match (you can easily pay $500,000 for a new one).

28 January 2015

Are You Just Starting Your Semi Truck Driving Career? Keeping Your Radiator Maintained Will Help Keep Your Rig Purring


Are you starting your semi truck driving career? It will likely involve motoring down the nation's highways for long periods, often traveling in isolated areas. CB radios do keep you in touch with the outside world, but when you are driving through miles of Midwest farmland the last thing you need is an overheated engine. That's where semi truck radiators come in. The best of them can handle long haul life with barely a whimper.

20 January 2015

Winterization Can Save Your Body Work From Road Salt

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Winter can be a cruel mistress, especially when it comes to your car's body work. A vicious combination of moisture from snow fall combined with the road salt can wreak havoc on any bare metal surface it touches. The end result is a potentially catastrophic explosion of rust and corrosion on the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle. If you have a winter beater you use during the snowy season or if you can't afford to keep your only car covered up, here are a few things you can do to protect it from the ravages of rust this and every other winter.

14 January 2015