Four Things To Look For When Buying A Used Semi Truck

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Buying a new-to-you truck is a big moment. Not only do you have a bunch of new toys and features to play with, but you also have the confidence of knowing you should be able to safely spend many more years on the road.

But every purchase needs to come with a little preparation, especially when it comes to buying your next big rig. For that reason, here are four things you should check before making your next commercial truck purchase.


Before you even arrive at the dealer, make sure you get as much info on the truck as possible. Get the vehicle's VIN number and run a search to determine any accident information that you can find and ask the dealer for a copy of the maintenance record. Knowing these details ahead of time may save you a trip.


After you arrive at the dealership, take a quick walk around and look under the vehicle for signs of rust. If you see any, it's usually a dead giveaway that the previous owner didn't take care of their vehicle properly, or at the very least, that it lived a rough life. Don't just focus on those brown and red spots either; check the paint for bubbles that can indicate that rust is trapped underneath the paint. if you spot any, run. Rust is a sign of future repair bills and problems on the road.


Commercial trucks are designed to run a lot longer than commuter vehicles. In fact, the average semi-truck engine will usually last almost a million miles with proper maintenance, so don't be put off by a vehicle with high mileage. Still, if you're planning on holding on that truck for several years, you may want to consider one that has low miles instead. Consider your needs, and then pick the right truck for you.


Tire tread can tell a lot about what kind of driving the truck has done, how well it's been maintained, and how much life it has left. If there's an uneven tread, it could be that the alignment is out, and if the front tires are more worn than the back, they might not also be rotated. Regardless, truck tires are some of the most expensive parts of a truck to replace, so it's worth it to examine what's on the truck currently to see if you'll have to replace them sooner rather than later.

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17 July 2020

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